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Wednesday Begin in your volleyball ready stance at the baseline of a basketball court. Laterally shuffle to your left toward halfcourt until you’re a few feet past the 3-point line. Quickly switch and... Now do a 5-10-5 Shuttle. Your first move should be in the opposite direction of the baseline ...

Volleyball Conditioning Exercises - to Improve Your Game

Run short 10-20 second sprints between those lines. Have a short 8-15 second break after the set before taking another sprint. This is a great conditioning exercise for the volleyball player since it imitates the rallies and breaks in the match.

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Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great strength and conditioning tool that helps volleyball players enhance their training and maximize valuable practice time. The Kinetic Bands provide resistance and are worn just above the knees during volleyball conditioning drills and skills training; allowing a player to move freely in all directions so they can improve flexibility and increase muscular strength and endurance at the same time they work to develop their volleyball skills.

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Volleyball Conditioning Drill No.1: On the Line. One of the best workouts for a volleyball player is right there between the lines on the court. There are many variations to this drill, and players can be forced to race against each other or the clock to increase the workout.

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Speed Training. While long slow running is completely worthless, sprinting is effective for getting volleyball players into shape. Common types of sprinting are court suicides, hill sprints, and sprints up stairs. Developing speed through conditioning is often combined with plyometric and agility movements.

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The dumbbell squat to press is a general volleyball exercise for all positions. It builds lower-body strength and also accounts for the upper-body movements that are crucial to volleyball: setting, serving, attacking, blocking and transferring power from the lower body to the upper body in a fluid motion. Recommended Reps: 3 sets of 16-20 reps

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Dynamic Flexibility Exercises for Volleyball Volleyball teams often use dynamic flexibility exercises often as a sport specific warm up for volleyball matches. Dynamic flexibility is important because... Static Flexibility Exercises for Volleyball Static stretching after a volleyball workout may be the best time because your muscles are warmed up. The increased muscle temperature increases the elastic properties...


VOLLEYBALL SUMMER CONDITIONING PROGRAM These are exercises you can do anywhere. There is no need for much equipment. Try to do a cardio activity (30 min) 4-5 X Week, Agility work 2-3 X Week, Plyometric exercises 2 X Week, Strength training 2-3 X Week. Don't forget your volleyball skills as often as possible.